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Environmental Matters HVAC
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Keep your family cool through the Texas heat in the summer with air conditioning services from Environmental Matters HVAC LLC. in Tomball, TX. We install, maintain and repair most makes and models to keep your cooling system running when you need it most.

When your unit fails, give us a call any time for our emergency services.

"This is a company I trust. They do what they say the will at the price they said they would. I have inspected their work, and it is top notch.What's really nice is they don't try to sell you things you don't need. If there is a problem, they discuss your options so you can choose what is best for your situation.Recommend highly to all my friends."
-Bob L.
"When my unit broke for the second time it two weeks, Randy convinced me to wait until he came out to check for the issue before committing to replace the whole system. When he came out he discovered it was an easy fix that was clearly in no way related to the first problem. He made the repairs and had the unit cooling again in short order. It's hard to find a service company you can trust to do the right thing and he did. He saved me thousands of dollars and in reality took it out of his own pocket. I would highly recommend the guys to anyone who maybe be experiencing issues. Don't take the chance of getting ripped off by a scam artist and call them first."

-Darrin C.
"Randy, Kelly and Jeremy went above and beyond for my family in helping us with a new AC, which was critical, and also a new furnace so we could replace a very aged system after multiple failures this summer knowing the entire system was beyond it's years. I've been a homeowner for 24 years and I think I've had to replace a unit or up to 3 at the same time over the course of 5 houses in 5 states. All I can say is that this time- it was the most painless and easy process ever. I feel like they went a step above and beyond even before they had my business. Getting my old unit to work a few more days till new system could be installed, NO problem. Financing help, NO problem. Proper installation in a timely matter while I was away at work with a great name brand, NO problem. My only regret is not using them much sooner for my parent's house last summer. I will highly recommend these guys on everything... honesty, integrity, value and first and foremost, customer service and communication. They deliver on their promises and care about you and your family as a customer. The peace of mind I have tonight going to bed knowing that everything is taken care of and I can go to work without worrying about system failure for a long time is beyond priceless. I can't praise these guys enough and their team at EMHVAC LLC! Excellent is an understatement. After seeing the work in the attic tonight, and walking out, seeing the new compressor and the installation being tip top, probably the single best ever home purchase I've ever made. We truly can't thank you guys enough!"

-Donna P.
"If there were more stars I would have used them too. Timely, efficient, and honest, simply can't be beat."
-Jason V.
"Randy and the guys came out and replaced my old 5 ton unit with a new more efficient one. They were in and out no muss no fuss. Great job, now I can't escape Randy he's everywhere!!"
-Jim J.
"Great quick service at a good price. They installed a complete new system for me. Great company and great service. Would highly recommend to any one needing work done."
-Tanya W.
"Great service!! Would recommend these guys to anyone!!"
-Debbie J.
"Thanks for coming out guys, things already seem to be working better."
-Bobby S.